As we wrap up our time in India, we would like to say thanks to everyone who’s made it possible for us to come here. First, the Swanson School of Engineering and the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation for providing us with funding and support through the whole process. SSOE and MSCI have given us […]

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Anyone passing through Leh will notice that businesses have figured out how to appeal to the environmentally minded tourist. Most people come to Ladakh to go trekking, and since trekkers are into nature, they’re also usually pretty into protecting it. So, as a response, businesses loosely toss around the phrases “eco”, “organic”, “natural”, and “sustainable”. […]

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On the Front Lines of Climate Change

Water scarcity, brought on by climate change, mismanagement of resources, pollution, and countless other factors, has become a reality in much of the world. It hits countries in the developing world especially hard, at a time when those who’ve contributed the least to climate change bear most of the impact. Issues surrounding water scarcity are […]

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