As we wrap up our time in India, we would like to say thanks to everyone who’s made it possible for us to come here.

First, the Swanson School of Engineering and the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation for providing us with funding and support through the whole process. SSOE and MSCI have given us the tools necessary to perform technical research and view the world through the lens of sustainability; without the Freshman Engineering Research Conference, we may not have found out about the fascinating innovation currently happening in Ladakh.

DSC_0251 (640x424)

We would also like to say thank you to Dr. Kent Harries for acting as our adviser back home at Pitt to make all of this happen. He did much of the heavy lifting in regards to getting the rest of the University on board with our trip. He’s provided us with many useful tips before leaving for India and he’s been a very valuable resource.

We’re thankful that Paul Kovach has kept us on track with this blog, giving our friends, family, and University faculty some insight onto the things we’ve been learning during our time abraod (…and hopefully some inspiration to come visit Ladakh for themselves!)

mahabodhi_flags (640x480)

Finally, we are grateful for Pam Rikstad and Melissa Penkrot–they’ve had a lot of responsibility keeping us (as well as every other SSOE undergrad reseacher) on track this summer and we believe they deserve much more recognition for their work.

high_as_fuck (640x480)

Thank you! Jullay!


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